Website Update is back online! This website, while a fun side project, has been down due to a previous hosting company closing up after 20+ years. We are now hosted locally and did a slight overhaul to the site. A couple items to note are:

  • Added Where To Shop Section – We plan to list all businesses located in Sequatchie county here. If anyone want’s a jump start on adding their businesses please feel out the “Add Your Business” form. There will be additional sections added as we go, so feel free to suggest one or hang tight and it’ll get added, eventually.
  • New Comments, Add Photos and View Listing bar added for convenience on search results.
  • Removed Business Ratings. We decided that there are plenty of other sites to rate businesses at. We want to be an information portal vs rating site. We did however leave the comments section active at this time for discussions.
  • The new Government section will probably become Government & Utilities or something to bundle all Community Necessities into one category. This would include places like the Food Bank, Sethra, and etc.
  • Added a new feature that when a business is reported to be out of business we can flag it so everyone can easily identify that it’s no longer around. Updated the Report function on all business pages to only require WHAT you are reporting and no longer require name, phone, email and etc.
  • Events Section – While not LIVE at this time it will be a dedicated section in the near future to list all activities going on in the region.
  • Location – Obviously we are focused on listing everything related to Dunlap & Sequatchie County, however as the site progresses we may add additional regions close to Dunlap. This will allow Dunlapians to find other activities close to home or “special” places to eat within X miles.
  • Updated the Get Directions function on listings and also made a Call Now function that only appears when viewing the site on a Mobile device. The Get Directions will use the phones mapping app and the Call Now button will launch your phone app without having to punch the number in.

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